It happened this week in 1913

Nov. 29 – Dec. 5: Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

Nov. 29 – Dec. 5: Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives


Rule of the road … That the rule of the road in British Columbia be altered to that traffic should proceed on the right side of the road instead of the left was one of the radical suggestions made by the grand jury in closing their work at the assizes in Vancouver. If the rule were changed say the jury, the regulations of British Columbia would then be the same as in the majority of other provinces.

Congratulations … It is ours again to congratulate Constable Collins of Waldo and district for his cleverness and daring in helping to capture a second murderer. Not a month has elapsed since he took Cutri, whom he captured at Eureka, to the jail at Nelson. Now he has participated with Gorman of Elko in arresting Ben Blakely, a desperate character, who, it is alleged, murdered a Frenchman named Archie Thivarge at Gurv Creek, in the Lillooet district on May 30th, 1903. Blakely was arrested at Libby, Montana.

New book … J. F. Spaulding, who recently came through Cranbrook by automobile, has completed his tour of the province and now claims to be the pioneer motorist to make the trip across the mountains from the coast.

In a report of his trip it is stated that when they reached Cranbrook they struck the only roads where motoring was a joy forever, the roads in the Cranbrook, Fernie and Golden districts being the best encountered in the whole district.

From Cranbrook they went to Golden, back to Fort Steele, thence to Fernie.

The trip was made by Mr. Spalding to get material and authentic information and appropriate views for his new book, entitled “Through B. C. by Auto,” which will be published in the near future.

This work will prove invaluable to motorists and will doubtless do much to encourage traffic in the scenic province.

The scheme has met with the approval of all boards of trade and motor clubs and sufficient advertising patronage has been secured to make the undertaking a profitable one for the author.

About 1,700 miles of territory were covered and in many instances their car was the first to travel over certain roads.

To Mr. Spalding falls the honor of being the first motorist to make the journey from the coast across the Rockies.

Called for last journey … Hugh Chas Merron died at the St. Eugene hospital last Saturday after a week’s illness with rheumatic fever. Funeral services were held on Tuesday with mass for the dead at the Catholic church at 9.30 and services from the undertaking parlors of F. M. Macpherson at 2.30 in the afternoon, conducted by Father Plamondon, the body being shipped to the home of his parents at Brockville, Ont., on the afternoon train east. Fred Genest accompanied the remains.

The funeral was attended by all the railroad men in the city, several railroad orders being represented in the large concourse which followed the cortege to the train.

Hugh Merron was one of the most popular trainmen in the city. He started work for the C.P.R. just ten years ago, making his initial run on December 1st, 1903. He was promoted to the position of conductor on August 29th, 1908. He was 33 years of age.

Wycliffe church … The sanctuary of the new church building of St. Andrew’s, Wycliffe, was dedicated for public worship last Sunday by, the Venerable Archdeacon Beer, archdeacon of the diocese of Kootenay, assisted by the Rev. A. B. Lane, missionary incumbent of the district.

The cost of the building was defrayed in great part by the people in the locality and all rejoiced in the success of the efforts made by the residents of Wycliffe and district.

The sidesmen are Messrs. Sterling Staples, Chester Staple s and John Balkwill; the organist Miss Maybee. The president, vice-president and secretary respectively of the Women’s Guild are Mrs. Staples, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Smith.

The church is built on the crest of a hill in the midst of the town and meets a long felt want.

No trouble has been spared to provide the church with suitable furniture, thanks being due to Mr. Horace Davies and others for gifts.

Manual training school diplomas … The new school law contains the following addition to the requirements for the entrance examination: 1. Diplomas will be awarded by the department of education to those pupils who complete the course prescribed for manual training. 2. Male candidates for high school entrance examinations from schools in which instruction has been given must hold manual training diplomas or fulfil the requirements as to attendance and work.

Curling … There will be a meeting of the Curling club in the council chambers, city hall on Monday, December 8th, at 8 o’clock sharp.

Now that the weather is getting colder, and there is a prospect of ice in a few days, it is necessary to appoint the skips and form the rinks. A full attendance is desirable in order to do this in a satisfactory manner, and it is hoped that every member, who can, will be on hand.

The membership committee report that there are already over eighty members enrolled, which augurs well for the success of curling in Cranbrook this winter.

Owie! … A. D. Horsman, of Horsman and McEachern, the contractors at Glenlily, B.C., came to town on Sunday to have a sore foot attended to. He was walking up the chute to one of his tie camps when some ties coming down at the rate of about fifty miles an hour caught him and he has been laid up for a week.

Sidewalk … Joseph Walkley and John Manning are circulating a petition requesting the city fathers to lay an eight foot sidewalk in front of W. R. Beatty’s property on Kootenay Street between North Baker alley and the public school. Estimated cost $500.00. Those interested in this matter are requested to call at John Manning’s store and sign the petition.

Meat market … Last Monday the new Cranbrook Meat Market opened for business in the old post office building on Baker Street. The proprietors are Joe Walkley and Herbert Johnson.

Mr. Walkley is at present in charge of the business. He is a practical butcher and has been working for several years past at the East Kootenay Butcher company.

Mr. Johnson is at present employed at Wardner but will give his personal attention to the business as soon as it is warranted.

They are both well-known young men with a long acquaintance through the Crows Nest Pass and they invite the public to visit their new market and get acquainted.

Wardner news … Rev. Joseph Philp, of Essex County, Ontario, is quite an acquisition to the community, bringing energy and experience to the business of setting afoot various ventures to brighten up things for the winter.

Waldo news … A man named George Jackson came to Waldo last week in such haste that he forgot to pay a little account of $81.00 at the Waldorf Hotel in Fernie. This not being satisfactory to the proprietor, George was taken back to the smoky city, where perhaps he will repent at leisure.

Sunday service … The Rev. Mr. Bruce, Anglican minister, will hold service in Baker Hall on Sunday morning. It is to be hoped that Mr. Bruce may not have to return to Elko without giving service as he had to do two weeks ago, not a soul but himself attending. Get out of bed, give Sunday hunting a rest, go to service and cheer up the parson. Benches are not inspiring unless people are sitting on them!

Kimberley news … Two diamond drills are in constant operation at the Sullivan mine and extensive prospecting is being done on this and adjoining claims. The work is being done by the Diamond Drill Contracting Company of Spokane under the supervision of William A. Stone, a member of the firm.

Hospital visit … Mrs. Wills, accompanied by little Tommy, came to Cranbrook on Saturday. They visited little Hilda Wills, who has been in the hospital suffering from nervous trouble. The child is slightly improved and they hope she will be able to return home in another week.

Post office bell … Raworth Bros, have been trying out the striking of the new city clock as complaints were received that the bell could not be heard in all parts of the city. Two new levers have been placed and the clock is now striking much louder.

$1 Per dozen … The record price this season for strictly fresh eggs was reached last week when a local poultry man received $1 per dozen for eggs. With prices way up, local chicken men are endeavoring to make Biddy deliver up the much sought after hen fruit.

Kilby frames pictures … W. W. Kilby has again shown his confidence in the future of Cranbrook by purchasing the building on Armstrong Avenue, at present occupied by F. Russell and A. C. Blaine. He has been having the whole of the upstairs remodeled and fitted up, which he intends renting out for residence, the lower floors he will have made into stores and already he has had several applicants for these.

For sale … Half acre of land on St. Joseph’s Creek; 5 roomed house, well plastered and finished, good cellar, good pantry and roomy cupboards, water in kitchen, large sleeping porch and verandahs, 34 apple trees 4 years old next spring, currant and gooseberry bushes, pumping engine for watering lawn, and good outbuildings. $2,500.00; $1,000.00 cash, balance can be arranged. Apply T. E. South. Box 334, Cranbrook.

Athalmer news … Negotiations have been concluded and an agreement arrived at between J. L. McKay as owner of the Athalmer town site, and the chief engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railway, resulting in the final settlement of the right-of-way question and the location of the railway depot.

The line will traverse the Athalmer townsite immediately west of the football field, and follow the route of the original survey to the point where the grade is already completed.

The depot will be situated 267 yards south of the south limit of the Athalmer townsite, and the railway authorities will construct a public road from Athalmer to the station. Survey instruction for this purpose has been issued.

Negotiation between the owners of the Athalmer and Invermere townsites to determine the name of the station are pending.