Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Alyssa Davis. (Photo submitted)

Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Alyssa Davis. (Photo submitted)

Introducing the Sam Steele Sweetheart youth ambassador candidates

The 2022 princess and sweetheart will be crowned during Sam Steele Days

Five candidates are participating in the running to be crowned this year’s Sam Steele Princess and Sweetheart.

The candidates successfully applied to the program earlier this year, and have spent the last few months in training sessions and lessons on all kinds of subjects, such as financial budgeting, learning about the city’s history as well as the Ktunaxa story, dining etiquette, and public speaking, among many others.

Each candidate is also sponsored by a community organization.

The 2022 Sam Steele Princess and Sam Steele Sweetheart will be crowned at the annual Sam Steele Days Youth Ambassador Pageant on June 17th at the Key City Theatre.

Below are bios for each contestant.

Alyssa Davis

Alyssa is the daughter of Peter and Heather Davis and is sister to Kaylee, Dylan and Tyler.

She has always enjoyed sports. She has played soccer and softball and in Grade 5, was proud to set a city record in the elementary track meet for high jump that hadn’t been broken for 13 years. The same year, she joined the basketball team and has been playing ever since. This year, she was a member of the Mount Baker Junior Girls Basketball Team.

During the summer, you can find her volunteering as a leader at the vacation Bible camps or at Koocanusa where she loves spending time with her family.

She got her love of old automobiles from her grandpa and her dream is to own an engine rebuild and restoration garage one day. Following graduation, she plans to take Heavy-Duty Mechanics at the College of the Rockies.

Alyssa is sponsored by the Lions Club of Cranbrook.

Isabelle Alaric

Belle is the daughter of Sam and Jeff Alaric and has one younger sister, Sophie.

In 2018, she started learning taekwondo. She currently belongs to the White Tiger Taekwondo Club. She has learned poomsae, sparring and board breaking and is currently learning how to use a staff and a practice sword. She is a blue double stripe and is working towards her red belt.

Music is a big part of her life. She started playing the clarinet in Grade 5 and is a member of Mount Baker’s Concert Band. In December, she was also part of Mount Baker’s cast of A Christmas Carol.

Belle loves writing, reading, going to the lake and camping. She also enjoys teaching Sunday School and Grade 1 Catechism with her mom.

Following graduation, she hopes to attend the Justice Institute of British Columbia to become a paramedic.

Belle is sponsored by 107.5 2DayFM.

Halle French

Halle is the daughter of Brad and Debbie French and little sister to brother Evan.

She has participated in wide range of sports from gymnastics to dance, swimming, lacrosse, soccer, archery, snowboarding, boxing and running. Her favorite is gymnastics. She has achieved her Level Three Gymnastic Skills and hopes to become a Junior Coach.

She has completed all of her swimming courses, including her Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid in preparation for the lifeguard course when she turns 16.

She currently works at McDonalds and has volunteered at the We Program, gymnastic club, and the radio station.

Her goal is to finish high school early and take a year to travel, work and save some money for her post-secondary education. Her long-term goal is to attend University pursue a career in physiotherapy or another health care related field.

Halle is sponsored by the Colombo Lodge.

Jaylyn Spyksma

Jaylyn is the daughter of Jason and Stacey Spyksma and has one younger brother Chase.

She has a passion for the outdoors and adventure, and can often be found camping, fishing, quadding, paddling and cross country skiing.

Jaylyn also has a strong love for baking and spending time baking in the kitchen with her Grandma. She also loves spending time with her family exploring the outdoors and playing games at the lake.

Over the years she has participated in numerous dance classes such as ballet, tap, lyrical and Jazz. She has also volunteered at the local GEMS Girls Group, which is a non-profit organization where she mentors young girls to live faithful lives for Jesus Christ.

Following graduation, Jaylyn plans to pursue her post secondary studies at College or University, with a long-term goal of pursuing a career in the medical field.

Jaylyn is sponsored by Sunrise Rotary.

Jolene Julian-Hirn

Jolene is the daughter of Jomina and Christian and has one younger brother Liam.

Jolene has been part of the French Immersion program since elementary school and she is proud to be able to speak a second language.

Some of her other passions include gymnastics, reading, writing, painting, and traveling.

This year, Jolene was excited to be part of the Theatre Production class building sets and props for the school’s productions.

One of her highlights every summer is travelling with her dad to the Okanagan for a vacation with the rest of her family at Herald National Park.

For six years she was a competitive gymnast at Key City Gymnastics Club. Though she no longer competes, she gained many skills and a number of lifelong friends through this experience.

Following graduation, Jolene hopes to pursue her studies to become a Physiotherapist.

Jolene is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cranbrook.


Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Belle Alaric. (Photo submitted)

Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Belle Alaric. (Photo submitted)

Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Halle French. (Photo submitted)

Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Halle French. (Photo submitted)

Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Jaylyn Spyksma. (Photo submitted)

Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Jaylyn Spyksma. (Photo submitted)

Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Jolene Julian-Hirn. (Photo submitted)

Pictured is youth ambassador candidate Jolene Julian-Hirn. (Photo submitted)