Hugs & Slugs

Hugs & Slugs takes us into August

Hugs: Shoutout to Sarah, Monique and the Dollar Store staff on Baker Street. They’re always so lovely, friendly and have all the goodies you need! (Except for clown noses! Haha) Plus, they have a water bowl out for the dogs and chalk for the kiddos. Thanks for continuing to make this community excellent!

Hugs: To Seth and his two lovely dogs who basically saved us from the full force of nature when we locked our keys and phone in the car on the far side of Mount Baker as the sun began to set! Thanks, Seth!

Hugs: To Sue who works in the photo center at Wal-Mart. Always so helpful and happy to give you a hand. Great lady, huge hugs for you.

Slugs: To B.C. Parks for the disgraceful maintenance of the access road to the Home Basin camp ground. I don’t remember it ever being graded and repaired. Trailers, etc. are not designed for such rough conditions. It’s an embarrassment to visitors.

Hugs: To Meant 2B Loved Animal Rescue and all their volunteers for the amazing job they did for the Aq’am community during the St. Mary wildfire! This area is so lucky to have such an awesome animal rescue group!

Slugs: To the Kimberley Council members that voted in favour of the Marysville rezoning. They did not listen to the people of Kimberley. Please remember these in the next election and that they did not listen to the people of Kimberley.

Hugs: Great big hugs to the Kimberley councillors who voted against the Marysville rezoning and listening to the people of Kimberley. Keep Kimberley BC best small town.

Hugs: To Cydnee at Ashley Homestore for her amazing, top-notch service in lining up two-day delivery service of our brand new Samsung fridge after our existing fridge died unexpectedly. We love shopping local & this young lady made our experience a very pleasant one!

Hugs: Huge hugs to Vanessa (manager of Mr. Mike’s), Airanne & incredible team for phenomenal, over-the-top quality service for making mine & my mother-in-law’s birthdays so special. Thank you for taking our family photos, lighting candles on the cake, & helping us make wonderful memories! This team’s positivity is a blessing to us all.

Slugs: A big slug to the City of Cranbrook for not removing dead trees or trees with large dead branches in or adjacent to parks or places where people walk. Both are a threat to injuring or killing people.

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