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Hugs & Slugs: How do you like your June so far?


Hugs: To Curt of Kootenay Driving Academy. You are so kind & patient in your instruction of young drivers. My grandson made such progress & has more confidence thanks to you. Thanks to both you and Leaha for all your help to make this possible.

Hugs: To Safeway employee Harsh, for making up two lovely fresh vegetable trays

for me in such a timely manner. Your professionalism and your politeness were both very appreciated. You’re a valuable employee.

Slugs: To whoever is doing the road sweeping this year. It’s almost June and there is gravel all over the roads, both in town and on the highway. Where it has been swept they only did half a job.

Hugs: To all the hard working garden owners who are opening their beloved yards on July 14th for “The Cranbrook Garden Club’s 26th Open Garden Day”. This commitment requires so much preparation and work for the enjoyment of other gardeners and garden lovers. All their efforts raises funds toward beautification projects in the Cranbrook area. Thanks to you all!

Slugs: Great big nasty, slimy, trashy, messy slugs to the inconsiderate individual that drives down 30th Ave South and then onto 3rd Street South and chooses to empty their vehicles ashtray at the intersections - casting nasty cigarette butts all along the road. Why would you do that? Why wouldn’t you empty your ashtray at home, onto your driveway or maybe your front lawn. You are incredibly irresponsible and inconsiderate of others — not to mention the litter that you cast all round. If you are old enough to purchase cigarettes you are certainly old enough to know better than to throw your litter onto the street. I really wish you’d get caught and fined the $3,000 for littering.

Hugs: To the person last week who had an opinion about neighbors dogs barking. I agree 100 percent! Dogs are a privilege to own and require training and exercis. They are not born knowing what is right or wrong, it is our job to teach them, if you don’t want to put in the time, don’t own a dog!

Hugs: To Oven Fresh Pizza! Lots of toppings and right to the edge of the pizza. No bare crust! Excellent choice of Specialty pizzas with exotic toppings. Very yummy!

Hugs: To the Eagles Nest for keeping their prices so reasonable. Really appreciate it in these tough economic times. Anyone can join!

Hugs: To Denis, Mark, Rene and Kimi at Radio 107.5 for their support of the Cranbrook Quilters Guild garage sale last weekend. You are all awesome and a huge contibutor to our success.

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