Hugs and Slugs

Hugs & Slugs: The kind of September it’s nice to remember

Hugs: To Jim at Save on Foods. He goes above and beyond when we have questions about sales, coupons or member points. He does it all fast, efficient and with a smile. We are always happy if he is at a till and don’t mind waiting in line to see him. Great customer service!

Slugs: To the person writing about the disruption in community or your neighbourhood, you are under a bit of a disillusion regarding assistance to such matters … I know very well the reply and ensuing outcome of the frustration you will experience.

Hugs: To all the young people who worked at minimum wage jobs this summer, well done! Many of you are walking to work and are working at two jobs so that you can pay for your university tuition and room and board. Your dedication is impressive and does not go unnoticed. We hope that employers take notice of who has a work ethic and who does not. Please thank the young people who are trying so hard to be independent and contribute to our society.

Hugs: Big hugs to all the firefighters for battling all the forest fires. Huge Slugs to those who deliberately started many of them.

Hugs: To the lovely lady who accepted my Save On points last Sunday. I was in a rush so I didn’t give you a bill which can be paid by meeting me for coffee at Grounds, 10:00 am, Sept. 15th. My treat!

Slugs: In regards to the paving contractors and the City during the week of August 28 – September 1. There was no access to the upper Baker Gardens complex – grocery deliveries, prescriptions, parcels – could not be delivered as well as we could not return to our homes once we left to complete other tasks downtown – this is totally unacceptable. Telephone calls were placed to the By-Law Enforcement Officer explaining the situation and the calls were never adhered to. This incident is outrageous, what would happen if there had been a major disaster and the local residents could not evacuate this area since there is only one way in and out. In my opinion this is a total unacceptable situation.

Big Hugs to the lovely folks at Roto Rooter Cranbrook. In August, we found ourselves having to urgently fly overseas to be with a loved one at the end of their life & I had less than a day to pack up our 4 children and drop them with friends and family while we were away. When I went to do the laundry to pack, I found our laundry room flooded from a blocked drain. I called Roto Rooter straight away & the lady on the phone was so nice and got a technician out to us within 40 minutes. Although they were unable to fix it straight away, other team members arrived first thing in the morning and repaired the problem as I hectically packed. The team went above and beyond by arranging to come back later in the afternoon to clean the carpets from a mess that some of the equipment left. The kindness, care & empathy that they showed during that incredibly stressful time will never be forgotten. Thank you all so much.

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