Hugs & Slugs

Hugs & Slugs

Hugs and Slugs and turning the page on a new month

Hugs and Slugs in Cranbrook for the first week of October

Slugs: To all the cat owners who are letting their cats run at large in the Mt. Nelson area of Park Royal. We can no longer feed the birds due to your cats, something we have been doing for 30 years. The number of birds your cats have killed this summer is shameful. There are city bylaws regarding cats running at large which obviously you are disregarding. Please familiarize yourselves with them and keep your cats in your own back yards.

Hugs: Not all angels have wings … this one has a mask. There is a lovely Nurse Practitioner in our city who has been making sure our vulnerable populations health needs are being met each week. Thank you for always going above and beyond, and helping the people who need it the most. We see you and appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Hugs: A HUGE HUGS to the kind person who paid for my items at the Dollartree on September 24, 2020 after my debit card would not work. Your generosity of spirit was so greatly appreciated. I will find an opportunity to pay it forward.

Slugs: To the guy in a white GM crew cab pickup that dumped scrap wood 10 feet from a NO dumping sign on the Mission Rd., near Prairie Bridge on Sept.17. The dump was probably closer and they don’t charge to dump wood.

Slugs: To the people in Cranbrook and elsewhere that can’t remember how to use their turn signal. Takes no more effort than texting one number on your phone. The people behind you aren’t mind readers.

Slugs: To the anti-voters who are decrying the need for a provincial election being called now. We are hearing health professionals talk about the pandemic lasting years, not months. Thank goodness British Columbians are finding safe ways to participate in their democratic processes. We won’t have to deal with the same attitudes and issues we are seeing south of the border, where COVID-19 is being used as the excuse for tampering with their election processes.

Hugs: A huge warm and sincere hug to the young lady who stopped by one afternoon, while I was doing some minor landscaping, and offered to help. I was stunned by your kindness. Your thoughtfulness was really appreciated. Thank you. You made my day!

Hugs: As a regular cyclist on the Rails to Trails I would like to thank the generous creator of the carved wooden signs that have been set beside the trail to show distances. This is helpful for knowing distances between Cranbrook and Marysville but the real delight comes from the little carved creatures that have been added to the signs. Six Mile Crossing – a turtle, and then other signs with a puppy dog, a squirrel, and a spider. Thank you for your “quirky” craftsmanship!

Hugs: To Alpine Toyota for over and above service when some major work was needed on my old Venza. They offered me a courtesy car for a week at no cost. When I received my car back there was an issue which may or may not have been related to the work just done, but they took it back in and quickly fixed the problem, no charge. I’m very pleased with all the staff. You put the customer first.

Slugs: Big slugs to the quite ignorant and crude gentleman who gave the finger to my daughter last week while shopping at Superstore. Was it because of being a lady or perhaps because her license plate said Saskatchewan? I have lived in Cranbrook for over twenty years and have never come across a so called gentleman like that! Was it just a bad day or maybe his usual way of life?

Slugs: Huge slugs to the individual coming into residential areas and taking pictures of privately owned homes without the permission of the homeowner. It is extremely rude and violates a reasonable expectation of privacy. It does not matter if “you do it all the time” or if it’s for a project. Have some common courtesy and respect for the people that live in that area.

Slugs: To the City of Cranbrook, BC Hydro and others involved in the willful politics that enable streets to be dark, leaving homes and properties vulnerable to uninvited prowlers and opportunists under cover of the dark…. I have lived in this neighbourhood for 4 years and on two sides of my property there are street lights that have not worked, leaving the area dark and unsafe including the street itself. I suggest City Council members walk the streets after dark, in neighbourhoods, and see how the sidewalks are with and without street lights.

Hugs: To all the businesses front line staff, who despite the COVID considerations have managed to keep their ability to greet with a friendly hello, how are you … and then get into the business of COVID questioning.

Slugs: To the many who in this day and age who still decide to greet women with “Hun”, “Dear”, “Love”, especially women greeting women this way, in business settings. For generations women have been fighting for equal rights. I guess I just did not realize we were fighting for the equal right to be patronizing, dismissive and ageist towards each other as well.

Hugs: To mother nature, whose timing for the rain of fall was on point last week, bringing much needed water down to us puny humans…maybe COVID impacts have been a reset for seasonal changes. Welcome FALL!!!