Hugs and slugs

Hugs and slugs

Hugs: Big hugs of appreciation go out to the City and the city workers who planted and maintained the lovely hanging baskets and the street planters. BEAUTIFUL. The city looks so much nicer with the delightful bursts of colour that these provide.

Slugs: To the city for the dangerous crosswalk when you swing off the strip on to Van Horne St (on the corner). It needs flashing lights around both corners. Someone could get killed on a wet dark night on that intersection, especially with a 60 km speed.

Hugs: A huge hug to Farm to Folk for bringing us fresh fruit and veggies, this is an awesome store it offers so many things. Make sure to check them out.

Hugs: Kudos to the new manager of Georgian Heights Mobile Home Park. You have done more in one month than was previously done in 24 months. Thank you.

Slugs: To the person on Birch Drive that had a garage sale on Sept 7. Maybe you should think about taking your signs down since it is now October 2.

Hugs: to the movie theatre in Cranbrook the new seats are AWESOME!!