Gordon Terrace support for Nepal school ongoing

Gordon Terrace Elementary School had an impressive fall fundraising for the support of little school in the village in Nepal.

Top: Left to right: Project Co-ordinator Janet Levang

Top: Left to right: Project Co-ordinator Janet Levang

Gordon Terrace Elementary School  had an impressive fall  fundraising for the support of little school in the village in Nepal.

The school has been working with the Canadian Friends of Nepal for several years, helping 13 families and a little school in a mountain village 32 kilometres from Kathmandu.

In the first year of fundraising the Nepalis had approached Gordon Terrace with the idea of building a three-room addition to the present school which would provide education  and care for age three to five year old children. Plans were drawn up and the entire village volunteered time to excavate and build the addition brick by brick. Most of the work was done by hand and by June of 2012 the construction was started. The finishing work continued into 2013 and the little school was painted “hot pink” and opened for business in September 2013. Many little children from the village and surrounding area come daily for care and classes.

Like many villages in Nepal, it is not easy to get to. You walk down a narrow dirt road for about 45 minutes from the nearest city of Duhlikhel. The terrain is very hilly and washouts are common in the rainy season.

In December, 2013, Gordon Terrace’s Christmas Sale raised more than $1,000, and people were still wanting to buy things as the school was closing for the Christmas break  on December 20.

This month, Gordon Terrace  presented the “Friends” with a cheque for $2,800 on January 6, when the school resumed.

Gordon Terrace has a lot of events planned for the New Year. They will be having a “Nickel Drive” for the entire month of February, 2014, so  save your nickels and get them to the school or to David and Patricia Stock of the Friends of Nepal, who will deliver them.

Mrs. Ruoss’s Grade 1 class is working on a Valentine’s Day item to raise money — little bags to hold ear buds.

The DVD and book sale goes on the first week of March and the ice cream Sales will continue through the year. Also, Canadian Tire money is still being collected.

The Friends of Nepal offer thanks once again to all the student, staff, and parents of Gordon Terrace School for all the work you done on behalf of the school in the village.