Cranbrook’s Love Local event currently underway

Downtown businesses are giving back to the community after a tough year brought on by the pandemic

As of Monday, June 1st, and running until Saturday, June 5th, the Downtown Cranbrook Love Local event will feature sales, deals, contests and more from many Cranbrook businesses.

Joey Hoechsmann, President of the Downtown Business Association, says this event is aimed at showing love to the residents and customers in Cranbrook who have supported local, especially during the pandemic.

“We usually have a shop ‘till you drop event, but this year we wanted to do something a little different,” Hoechsmann said. “For the past 15 months, every month has been a challenge. Businesses have had to open, and close, and open again. Mask mandates, tourism shut down; everything has been constantly changing. You know – we were worried that we may not have a business at the end of it.

“But through it all, in most cases, our local businesses have been supported in spades. Whether it’s through gift cards at Christmas time, or take-out when the restaurants were closed to in-person dining, Cranbrook has really shown support. We wanted a way of saying thanks and giving back to the community.”

Over 45 downtown businesses have teamed up to offer dining, deals and draws. Many businesses have opted to have sales, such as 20 per cent off store-wide, or host contests, such as a scavenger hunt. Some businesses will have daily in-store giveaways and others will enter you into a draw with purchase. Who doesn’t love a door prize? It’s up to each individual business what they are doing to “Love Local”.

For example, Hoechsmann says that at the Bedroom Furniture galleries, they are not only giving away gift cards but there is a contest to win a brand new mattress as well.

“I think we’re all hoping that we’re nearing the light at the end of the [pandemic] tunnel, and looking ahead to fall, my outlook is very positive. When we can all travel again, we hope that some of those dollars will be spent here in Cranbrook.”

He adds that because people haven’t been travelling as much over the past year, dollars have stayed local. Hoechsmann referred to the 10 per cent shift, an article (and movement) from several years ago that says if more people started to shift just ten per cent of their household expenditures to purchases of local goods and services, the economy will benefit.

“Because we can’t go anywhere, those dollars are staying local. It’s a really interesting response,” Hoechsmann said. “People were obviously making purchases online, but they also realized what’s right in their own town. People purchased books from Huckleberry Book Store instead of going on Amazon. They went to Mountain Man or Gerricks or High Country for their outdoor goods. Business owners saw people they had never seen before, who live in town. I think people found out how awesome these local businesses are and that support has continued.”

Lastly, Hoechsmann says that one way to continue to support your local businesses is to hop online and leave a review.

“One of the ways you can show love back is to hop onto Facebook or Google and give that business a review. It’s good for business, tourism, etcetera, but it’s also good for the business owner to see that feedback,” he said. “Take that time and think of a business that has taken care of you over the past 15 months and show them your support.”

So, head downtown Cranbrook over the next few days for some amazing deals, say hello to your favourite businesses, and be sure to Love Local.


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