Cranbrook Fall Festival celebrates Cranbrook’s vibrancy

Cranbrook Fall Festival celebrates Cranbrook’s vibrancy

The first annual Fall Festival was inspired by a City Hall initiative

Paul Rodgers

The upcoming inaugural Cranbrook Fall Festival is part of an initiative within City Hall to create a vibrancy within they city, according to organizer Paul Heywood.

The first Cranbrook Fall Festival is set to launch on Saturday, Sept. 23, at Rotary Park and 1st Street South, entertaining audiences for free from 10 am to 5pm, with local non-profit group JCI International presenting the first annual P.U.B Stop, from 4 pm to 10pm in the heart of Rotary Park. Admission is free.

“Basically bringing the community together to just celebrate life in Cranbrook,” Heywood explained.

Heywood said that one of the main distinguishing features of this new event that set it apart from other functions that have transpired over the course of the year is the addition of buskers to the talent roster.

“We think with buskers we have something to show here that has not been seen before in Cranbrook,” he said.

From all across Western Canada, the U.S. and even as far away as New Zealand, the Fall Festival will play host to a dynamic wealth of performers including magicians, illusionists, stilt walkers, acrobatics and escape artists. While this may call to mind a circus-esque atmosphere, Heywood said that the festival almost had another moniker.

“One of the sayings that came up was ‘buskers and beer,’ right, so we tried to run with that, but it doesn’t quite fit everything we’re trying to do.”

The buskers on the street will be supported by local musicians and groups. The Cranbrook Farmers’ Market will also be present at this event, with numerous vendors available for outdoor shopping. Another feature of the festival is a large presence of local groups and non-profit organizations that will be there to let people know how they’re serving the community.

The festival also includes JCI Kootenay’s P.U.B. (pop up beer) stop, which runs from 5:00 until 11:00 p.m. at Rotary park giving attendees a chance to taste some of the Kootenay’s best craft beers.

Heywood explained that one of the instigators that served as a catalyst for getting this event going was Rogers Hometown Hockey.

“We saw a lot of the community groups and support groups all get together and for this one what we wanna see is the non-profit groups and all the community groups and all the vendors within the city that create vibrancy within the city to just get together and celebrate everything that is Cranbrook.”

Heywood is confident that the event will be a success and a great opportunity to celebrate the vitality of the City of Cranbrook.

“We expect to see crowds of several thousand people out and just celebrate one last kick-off before the snow arrives.”

All non-profit, community and commercial groups are welcome to apply for a free spot on the grounds by contacting Community Services at 250-489-0261, or Paul Heywood at (250) 919-1487.