College noted for its international approach

COTR has been recognized by the Association of Canadian Colleges (ACCC)

College of the Rockies Executive Director

College of the Rockies Executive Director

The College of the Rockies has been recognized by the Association of Canadian Colleges (ACCC), a national association that represents publicly funded colleges and institutions in Canada. The college was awarded the Gold Internationalization Excellence Award.

“We are thrilled to receive this award from ACCC,” said David Walls, president and CEO of the college. “Our passion for internationalization is a great source of pride for us at College of the Rockies.

The Awards of Excellence from ACCC recognize and promote excellence in Canadian colleges, institutes and polytechnics.

Walls said that for over 15 years the college has supported the ongoing development of education and training in developing countries, as well as collaborating with other stakeholders. Walls said the college recognizes value in forming, leading and supporting small partnership projects to enhance internationalization and learning opportunities.

“College of the Rockies’ commitment to train a new generation of global citizens has led it to develop an impressive array of international partnerships,” said  Denise Amyot, ACCC president and CEO. “They have also shown us that all types of colleges, whether urban or rural and no matter the size, can engage with partners on a global scale and develop successful international projects.”

Over the past few years, Walls noted, the college has launched international initiatives in a number of countries and developed a large network of partners, opening up opportunities for students all over the world. Recruitment efforts abroad have led to the college hosting students from over 30 different countries. Approximately six percent of the College’s student population now comes from outside Canada.

Walls said earlier this year the college was also pleased to be named number one in Canada and number one in the world for international student satisfaction through the 2013 International Student Barometer survey.

“To have our international team and employee body as a whole recognized further for their commitment to including a global dimension in all aspects of learning is a great honour,” he said.

The award was presented at the 2014 Annual ACCC Conference in Ottawa on Sunday, May 25.