Can you help identify the Bluebirds?

Can you help identify the Bluebirds?

We are hoping some alert Townsman readers can assist us.

This week we have we have been asked to give equal space to the fairer sex by printing a photo of a Women’s hockey team. This photo of “The Bluebirds” (above) is from The Cranbrook History Centre collection, for which we would like further information to add to its history.

The Bluebirds won the Dr. Green Trophy in February, 1926, and each girl was presented with a cup, one of which is to be donated to our Archives.

The list of the team members were reported in the Courier to be M. McDonald, I. Sly, Olive Ryde, Margaret Godderis, Marjorie Burton, Louise Robertson, Mrs. (Doris) Ryckman, and Lillian Jackson as spare.

We would like to know who is who in the photo. Do you recognize your mother, aunt, grandmother in this photo? Do you know who the gentleman is in the photo?

If you are able to provide us with any information we’d love to hear from you via an email to or by phoning the Office of the Cranbrook History Centre at 250-489-3918.

Copies of this photo, and others, are available through the Office at Cranbrook History Centre.

* * *

Thanks to the help of Townsman readers, the Cranbrook History Centre has now been able to identify all the players in the Hume Electric hockey team, published last week (and pictured below). Calls were received from as far away as Vancouver, and even from a patient in a hospital bed in Cranbrook. These names can now be stored with the photo in our Archives for future researchers to find and admire. Hume Hockey Team, left to right: Lindell (Bim) Brehm, Vern Doll, Charlie Kram, Bill Tiffin, Bill Price, Eddy Morigeau, Dick McBurney, Tom Dooling, Gordon McCutcheon, Laurie Ludlow, Jimmy Miki


Can you help identify the Bluebirds?