Bull River Shooters hosting National Rifle Silhouette Championships

Bull River Shooters hosting National Rifle Silhouette Championships


The best rifle silhouette shooters in North America will soon descend on Cranbrook to compete in the 2017 Canadian National Championships being hosted by Bull River Shooters Association at their range near Fort Steele. The competition runs from Sunday, July 30th – Saturday, August 5th.

Entrants will come from all over Canada, and from places as far away as Texas, Missouri and Mexico. Shooters enjoy the week-long competition to compete against each other; enjoy a reunion of sorts with old friends as well as meet new friends.

The sport of metallic silhouette shooting started in Mexico and involves two styles of rifles in both .22LR calibre and high-power (6mm and larger). Participants shoot from an unsupported standing position, and targets are 40 to 100 metres away for .22’s and 200 to 500 meters for high-power rifles.

The championships consist of three days of 22LR competition from Sunday to Tuesday, Wednesday as a day off, and then the final three days from Thursday to Saturday are high-power competition.

Silhouette shooting is spectator friendly… when the target is hit it often results in a clang of metal and the target goes spinning and flying! Bring some binoculars and a set of hearing protection (really only needed for high power matches). If you enjoy shooting you’ll likely be attracted to the game. We hope you pop by to check us out and get inspired to give our game a try!

For information about the BRSA please contact Jeramey Marsh at 250-420-7302. New members are always welcome! We look forward to seeing you at the range.