Bringing new life to the old

“Used and Unique” enters the economy of recycle and reuse

Kimberley Spoljarevic is pictured in her shop Used and Unique Home Furnishings

Kimberley Spoljarevic is pictured in her shop Used and Unique Home Furnishings

Everything old is new again, like the song says.

A new business in Cranbrook is bringing old inanimate objects back to new life. Used and Unique Home Furnishings opened last week at 627-R Cranbrook Street North, just off the Strip behind the Lazy Bear Lodge.

Kimberly Spoljarevic opened the shop last week, and rejuvenation is the name of the game. Old pieces of furniture and home décor take on new life, and are available for the discerning collector.

Spoljarevic said the items come from everywhere; she picks them up from various locations around town, from advertisements on Kijiji and suchlike outlets, or even from artists who’ve fixed up pieces themselves. “We’ll sell those for them,” Spoljarevic said.

And indeed, if one is interested in the restoration process, pieces are on sale that you can buy and fix up yourself.

“We’ll also send buyers to your house if you want, check out the piece, and give you a quote.”

Currently on the floor at Used and Unique are all manner of living room-style furniture, shelving, closets, tables, decorative items — the gambit. There is a seemingly infinite inventory of recyclables, of a quality hidden under the disguise of years.

Spoljarevic admits to a passion for furniture and recycling.

“I have a hard time not bringing everything home,” she said. “But I’m interested in trading and bartering, just getting the hands dirty and getting in there.”

Spoljarevic, originally from Calgary, is impressed with the Cranbrook area, noting its appetite for recycling and interest in reusing.

“It’s a funny economy these days,” she added. “You’ve got to do your own thing.”