Flowers destined for the dump have been brought back to life and now line the scale at the RDEK's Cranbrook Transfer Station. Trevor Crawley photo.

Bringing back the blossom

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Discarded flower plants at the Cranbrook Transfer Station are enjoying new life along the scale, brought back to life by staff after being destined for the landscaping pile.

Over the last five weeks, staff have been ‘rescuing’ abandoned flowers and flower pots, some of which have been “bone dry” and rehabilitating them for display along the scale.

Much of the rehab work was done by Ruth and Archie, who took the time and initiative over the last five weeks to water the plants and, in some cases, bring them back to life.

Ruth said the plants are generating a lot of positive feedback from customers who come through the transfer station scales.

“It’s a positive addition to our transfer station,” she said. “Plants that would have ended up in the compost pile that are brought back to life put smiles on people’s faces.”

She thanks people who have dropped off the flowers that are now blooming on display at the scale.