Construction questions? Ask Menno

New consulting service launched by long-established Cranbrook construction company Dueck Enterprises.

Menno Dueck

Menno Dueck

Where can you take your construction and building questions and be confident that you will receive accurate and unbiased information delivered in a professional manner?  Book an appointment with Ask Menno, the new consulting service launched by long-established Cranbrook construction company Dueck Enterprises Inc.

Menno Dueck, company owner and president, is Ask Menno, “just a regular guy who happens to have over 40 years of hands-on entrepreneurial experience in residential and commercial construction, renovation and project management, and I want to help others by sharing that knowledge.”

Clients can rest assured they will receive unbiased information from an impartial party as the service is charged on an hourly basis, with no obligation to hire any particular contractor or company.

“The Ask Menno service is not meant for Dueck Enterprises to gain extra work or take on new projects,” Menno said, “but to provide the public with a place to obtain accurate information and the tools necessary to help them fully understand the factors and options involved in their situation.”

Over 80 per cent of Menno’s career has been spent in renovations “which are totally different than new construction.  You never really know what you’re up against until you jump in. You need to be able to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to deal with the inevitable challenges and tricky situations that surface along the way.

“It really is because of my years working hands-on that I can do that,” he added.

Menno envisions working with a wide variety of people from homeowner DIYs (do-it-yourselfers), business owners looking for commercial renovation ideas, and home and commercial buyers/sellers wanting additional building information prior to transactions.

He’s also excited about working with both the seniors and singles community “because I know too many stories where they have been taken advantage of.”

For further information visit or call 250-426-5460.