Police concerned with a rash of vandalism to public benches, signs and buildings.

Kimberley RCMP concerned with vandalism spike

Police disturbed by a rash of spray painting to benches, signs and buildings.

Kimberley RCMP are disturbed by the recent spike in vandalism. Over the past week police have received several reports of mischief to property including the spray painting of benches, signs and buildings. In addition suspects damaged wiring on the electronic construction sign on highway 95A as you leave Kimberley. A travel trailer on Ross Road was spray painted and windows broken.

The most disturbing is the damage to several Northstar Rails to Trails benches. These benches are purchased and placed by community members often in memory of others. The benches are a special place and widely used by trail users. To damage them is an insult to the society who work hard to maintain the trail and its assets, the people who purchased them and those that use them. “It’s a deplorable act and somebody needs to be held accountable”

In the same week a quantity of tools were stolen from a work truck on Knighton Road. The tools are those commonly used by electricians. Police have video surveillance and are working to identify the subjects. It’s unknown at this time whether the theft and vandalism are related.

Police are asking for anybody who may have knowledge of the incidents. Black spray paint was used, have you noted anybody with black paint on their fingers? Have you seen empty cans?

Contact the Kimberley RCMP, 250 427-4811 or Crimestoppers.